How to Extend the Benefits of the Community Drum-Circle to Specific Population Groups

This compendium provides essential information to people entering the work-place with the intention of using the community drum-circle format to support specific population groups.Free E Book.
Experienced professionals provide their insights into applying the benefits of this musical process to the needs of different groups, including youth, mental health, drug & alcohol, aged care, refugees, veterans, prisoners, corporate executives and many more.

Sections of this resource include advice on ‘Setting up for Success’, ‘Avoiding Common Mistakes’, and ‘Practical Examples of Interventions Relevant to the Population Group Discussed’. Other sections examine ‘Pricing Your Work’, ‘Evaluating Your Work’, ‘Managing Challenging Behaviours’ & ‘Duty of Care’.

This resource is provided at cost by the different authors as a service to new people entering this profession.

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